What is the CYO?
C.Y.O. is the Catholic Youth Organization. OLV Athletics is a part of the Archdiocese of Detroit CYO. The CYO’s mission is to enrich the lives of families and strengthen communities through youth programs. Athletics is only one of the many programs that the Detroit CYO oversees. Visit the Detroit CYO Athletics website to learn more.

We are members of OLV Parish, but our children do not attend the school. Can our children still participate in OLV sports?
OLV Athletics is a parish program. Your children are eligible to participate as long as they are enrolled in & participate in Religious Formation classes at the parish. OLV School students automatically meet the Religious Formation requirement.

The OLV Sports Coordinator confirms Religious Formation enrollment & participation before the start of each season. (If you are planning to register your child for a fall sport, it is important to register him/her for Religious Formation early. Compliance checks will be performed in July. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in August practices unless this compliance measure is met.)

Please note the following regarding parish membership establishment as stated in the CYO League Manual.

In order for an athlete to be eligible to participate, Parish membership must be established on or before the following dates in order for a participant to be eligible to play in the following sports seasons:
May 1st - Fall Season
July 1st - Winter Season
Dec.1st - Spring Season

We are members of a different Catholic Parish in the area. Can our kids participate in your program?
Possibly, if your parish or Catholic school does not offer the sport that you wish to participate in, your child may be eligible if the sport is an “open” sport. Your Catholic school or parish must be neighboring to OLV. (St. Kenneth, St. James, Holy Family, St. Joseph, South Lyon). The Religious Formation requirement must also be met & will be confirmed by the Athletic Director's Office.

Our parish is nearby, but does not offer any sports. Can my kids play sports in more than one neighboring parish CYO program?
The CYO requires that once an athlete participates in a parish program they are to continue participation with that parish only for the remainder of the school year, unless the sport they wish to participate in is not offered at the given parish.

My kids are signed up for Religious Formation. We are very busy and the kids won’t be able to attend classes every week. Will this affect eligibility?
Yes. Our program is centered on the Catholic faith and this is a priority. If your child’s sport practice conflicts with the class, the religious formation class takes priority. Please make your child’s coach aware of the conflict.

Do you have academic requirements that affect eligibility?
Yes. Your child’s academic efforts are important! Students must maintain an academic average of “C” (78%) in core subjects (English, math, reading, science, and social studies) and satisfactory conduct. When report cards and mid-quarter reports are issued all OLV Student grades will be checked by the school principal.

My kids participate in other leagues such as AAU, Select & public school. Does this affect their eligibility to play CYO Sports?
Yes it does affect your child’s eligibility. Here are the guidelines as stated in the CYO League Manual:

Limited Team Membership:
1. A player may not be registered simultaneously with more than one (1) team in the CYO League. After a player has been listed on a team, he/she may not be transferred to another team within the same Parish/School CYO program without permission from the CYO office.
2. A student who, after participating in an athletic contest as a member of a CYO athletic team, participates in any athletic competition in the same sport during the same season, is ineligible. This rule applies specifically to Junior High School, Middle School, Recreation Leagues, P.A.L. Teams, Michigan Youth Teams, AAU Teams/Leagues or any other organized league including organized neighborhood leagues.
3. The spring season rules allow participation in the same sport (i.e., baseball) in other organized leagues with the exception of playing on a Junior High School or Middle School team. This is permitted so that CYO athletes will not be prevented from participating in summer programs. However, Lacrosse players are not permitted to play on more than one team during the CYO season.

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