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Our Lady of Victory is committed to providing a fun, safe and educational athletic environment for our student athletes. We are dedicated to finding and supporting coaches who are committed to these same principles.   If you are interested in becoming a Coach for Our Lady of Victory, please read the Coach Selection Policy below and CYO requirements and then click on the Coaches Application and Coaches Contract button below to complete an online application:

Coach Selection Policy

All coaches should be familiar with the rules and regulations as set down by CYO. Each level of competition requires different degrees of instruction, compassion, and understanding. A sports program should be viewed as an educational experience for children, a learning period in their lives to guide them as they grow.

The final decision on coach selection will be made by the Athletic Director as per the Athletic Committee By-laws. Coach selection will be made according to the criterion as follows:

  • Knowledge of the sport fundamentals and rules,
  • Coaching experience,
  • Ability to communicate with children,
  • Time availability and dependability,
  • Ability to communicate with parents,
  • Fairness to children and the program,
  • Ability to follow rules,
  • Parental feedback throughout the year.
While we appreciate the time commitment a coach invests, there is no guarantee that a coach will be selected to coach the following year based on a previous years’ coaching. The above criteria will determine coach selection from year to year.
Coaches Contract:
All Coaches selected will be required to sign a Coaches Contract annually.  This contract is included in the online application.

Coaches Code of Conduct

A CYO Coach is a minister to the youths of the program and shares the gifts of sports through teaching, training, administration, and guidance of athletes. A CYO coach must be 18 years of age or older. He/she must be present and responsible for his/her team at all times. The coach is the official representative of the Parish at interscholastic athletic activities. In this important capacity, the following standards should be practiced:

  • Attend ‘Protecting God’s Children Workshop’, contact Parish office for more information.
  • Attend the preseason coaches’ meeting for the respective sports at the time and place designated by the CYO Director of Athletics.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of CYO sports and communicate it to the players, parents, and the public.
  • Develop an up-to-date knowledge of the rules, strategies, safety precautions, and skills of the sport and communicate them to the players and parents. The coach is responsible for ensuring the adherence to these rules at all times during practices and games.
  • Develop, communicate, and model policies for athletes’ conduct and language in the locker room, at practice, during travel, during competition, and at other appropriate times.
  • Develop fair, unprejudiced relationships with all squad members.
  • Allow students to tryout each season. Team selections should not be based on previous seasons or out-of-season activities.
  • Take care not to schedule practices or events that will interfere with religious duties and classes. Allow athletes time to develop skills and interests in other athletic and non-athletic activities provided by the Parish, school and community groups.
  • Conduct preseason meetings with parents and coaches to ensure that everyone understands his/her responsibilities.
  • Work with the team manager and sport coordinator to make sure the team roster is filled out correctly and necessary player paperwork is submitted to the Athletic Director and CYO Director of Athletics.
  • Teach players, by precept and example, respect for Parish/School authorities and contest officials. Make sure athletes have an understanding of fair play, sportsmanship, and acceptance of winning and losing in accordance with Christian ideals. Provide support for players in cases of adverse decisions and refrain from critical comments in public or in the media.
  • Be responsible for the actions of team members.
  • Attend to the physical and mental health of athletes. Take special precautions to be sure the physical environment is safe to play. Maintain an adequate first-aid kit and keep medical forms on hand.
  • Exemplify the highest moral character, behavior, and leadership, adhering to strong
  • Christian, ethical and integrity standards. Demand the same of your players.
  • Respect the integrity and personality of the individual student-athlete.
  • Set a good example for players and spectators.
  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.

Safe Environment for Adult Coaches

This is mandatory for all coaches.  Please click on and read all of the documents. There are four required steps to be considered an approved volunteer through CYO.

1. Fill out the Background Check and Authorization Form and return it to the parish secretary at the parish office (133 Orchard St., Northville, MI 48167). A background check is completed annually by the parish office. If this has already been done for OLV school or another group at OLV this year, it need not be submitted again. For further information read Archdiocesan Policy on Criminal History Background Checks.

2. Download fthe follow documents and read. Every person connected to the Archdiocese of Detroit, whether clergy, employee or volunteer, are required to submit to certain protocols before possibly coming in contact with a child. This includes what is set forth in the Volunteer Code of ConductSafe Environments PolicyPastoral Code of Conduct full policy, and mandatory training called Protecting God's Children (see #3).

3. Register for and attend a Protecting God's Children Workshop at the beginning of your volunteer position or at the next available workshop date. Instructions for registering for one of these classes are found on the Virtus web site or CLICK HERE to see dates, times and locations of classes.  Further PGC Workshop information can found at the Archdiocese of Detroit website at .Please remember that an appearance at a workshop, does not necessarily mean you are approved.  You have to register properly online, sign the attendance sheet at the workshop, and stay for the entire workshop.  Your certificate of completion will be sent directly to the parish office.

4. Complete a 20-minute online Concussion Awareness Certification and submit certificate prior to first team practice. Visit the National Federation of State High Schools Association to view an online video.

If you have any questions, please contact the OLV Athletic Director.

Safe Environment for Teen Volunteers:
Teenagers (in grades 9-12) that volunteer with children must complete the following:

1. A Teen Background Certification form. It must be completed and signed by the teen and a parent and returned to the parish secretary at the Parish Office (133 Orchard St., Northville, MI 48167).

2. Within 6 months of beginning the volunteer experience, the teen must attend a Called to Serve workshop at this parish. If the teen is in a Catholic High School, they most likely have taken this workshop at their school and should give us a copy of their certificate.  Send certificate to the Parish Office. They may also take the workshop again at this parish. Instructions can be found at

3. Read the Teen Code of Conduct.

Any questions regarding Call To Serve should be directed to the OLV Parish office (248) 349-2621.


Any spending by a coach must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director.  If approved, receipts should be submitted to the OLV Dads' Club Treasurer for reimbursement. No compensation or waiver of registration fee will be provided in exchange for coaching.

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